First, Do No Harm
The Midnight Special
Scamming the Birdman
The Music Box Murders
The Enchanted Ear
The View from the Vue

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I don't remember learning a whole lot in kindergarten, but the world of antique music boxes taught me a great deal, often via wry and eccentric processes.

Music boxes taught me to recognize and heed the knock of opportunity; they showed me how to overcome disabling and limiting prejudices; they helped me take advantage of my capabilities and respect my limitations. They brought interesting people into my life: dishonest antique dealers peddling hot music boxes, a crooked insurance adjuster trying to capitalize on a "missing" music box, a hack repairman destroying a fine old music box, a gullible collector insisting his music box must have belonged to Abe Lincoln, even though it bore an 1880s patent date.

I subtitled this book, "Lured into the Music Box Cosmos." My publisher added a second subtitle, "Mostly True Tales Told By Larry Karp." Guess everyone's entitled to his or her opinion. If you're a music box enthusiast, I think these stories will bring you more than an occasional chuckle and gasp of recognition. If you're not, you'll enjoy the stories anyway - no nineteenth-century technobabble here to confuse you or put you off. But be careful - you might just get hooked.


What Others Are Saying...

"I've been waiting a long time for someone to write this book....A small volume brimful of the good stuff collectors eat, sleep and breathe, that's part of their existence; anecdotal, semi-autobiographical morsels served in an easy, free-flowing manner that makes for svory, palatable and thoroughly digestible reading...(Larry's) musical boxes take life; they speak to him in the voice of their craftsmen-creators, transcending space and time for all of us to hear if we but listen...The greatest compliment paid an author might be to say, "I wish I had written that!" (Olin Tillotson, long-time authority in cylinder music boxes, MBSI News Bulletin, March/April, 1996.

Author:  Larry Karp
Trade Paperback: 174 pages

Published by Emprise Publication date: 1995

ISBN-10: 1-887322-03-5

currently out of print


Large Format Paperback:  176 pages

Published by iUniverse

Publication date: 2000
ISBN-10: 0-595-12129-2

currently out of print


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